Book Review: Hair Growth & Disorders

Title: Hair Growth and Disorders
Publisher: Springer
Editors: Ulrike Blume-Peytavi, Berlin, Germany / Antonella Tosti, Bologna, Italy / David A. Whiting, Texas, USA / Ralph Trueb, Zurich, Switzerland

Printed in 2008 available from ( @ £118.50

Trichologists in clinical practice would be well advised to have this wonderful book close at hand. Given that it has been written for dermatologists, gynaecologists, paediatricians as well as general practitioners, in my opinion this list could well include trichologists.

At the European Hair Research Society meeting in Genova, Italy, last July, I was introduced to this thoroughly informative textbook. For all who work in the field of clinical trichology it will be an invaluable reference book.

I quote from the preface;
“This textbook is testament to the interest, and contains the latest advances and scientific knowledge from the world’s leading experts in hair biology and clinical trichology.”

Across the twenty eight chapters of this book the forty two contributors have individually and, or, jointly offered the most up to date hair research from across the world. Of particular interest, I point out the chapters written by our colleagues within the UK, chapter four  by Desmond J. Tobin,  ‘Biology of the Hair Follicle Pigmentation’, chapter nine by Andrew Messenger, ‘Male Androgenic Alopecia’, and a brilliant chapter two  by Valerie A. Randall, ‘The Endocrine Control of the Hair Follicle’.

The headings, in each chapter, lead the reader through in a very logical manor from the ‘Key Features’ of a disorder to the final heading ‘Summary for the Clinician’. With two hundred and seventy five figures and eighty five tables this book has a very strong visual impact, especially chapter seven which has an abundance of microscopic images.

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