Hair Loss Conference

Editorial by Susan Devenish Mutton – Practising Trichologist

Whilst in Chicago recently, as a member of the International Association of Trichologists (IAT), Susan took the opportunity to attend their ‘World Trichology Conference’.

Speakers were invited from seven countries, and delegates travelled from 13 countries including Australia, Singapore, India, Brazil, Argentina, Israel and Jamaica. The two day conference also gave time for aspects of hair loss to be discussed and experiences shared.

The trichologists at the conference all agreed with Susan that genetic hair loss in young women has increased enormously and the reasons for this included increased influence of male sex hormones and increased inflammation of the hair follicles. Therapies for such loss were discussed and included nutritional therapy as well as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. One of the highlights of the conference was a lecture on stem cell therapy for hair loss by Dr. Ahmed Al-Qahtani.

Being that Susan mixes and supplies her own Trichological preparations; Tatiele Katzer a Brazilian, qualified in Pharmaceutical Science, spoke about “Cosmetic nanotechnology applied to Trichology”, giving an enlightening description of how a well constructed treatment, be it liquid or foam, can work well incorporating good active ingredients. Dr. Ademir Leite, a trichologist/dermatologist from Brazil, spoke on both days, of the psychological aspects of hair loss and how best to manage these.

Susan can be seen in Elburton, private and confidential consultations, approximately one hour, to include the supply of Trichological Preparations, for your individual needs.

Susan Devenish Mutton with David Salinger, IAT Director, the organiser of the Conference.

The beautiful conference room in The Drake-Chicago, overlooking Lake Shore Drive

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