Prestigious Award

Editorial by Susan Devenish Mutton – Practising Trichologist

Susan, proprietor of The Devon Trichology Practice, has been awarded a Fellowship of the Institute of Trichologists(FIT) for her continuous service to the Institute.

It has been awarded for her contribution to the Board of Directors of the Institute of Trichologists and recognition for the many years assisting with examinations and the marking of assignments for students of Trichology, whilst they follow a programme of study with the IOT, London. To enlighten students in the ‘dying art’ of mixing and supply of preparations, is gratifying. Not all trichologists choose to take up this skill, as Susan has.

Susan is delighted and honoured to receive this accolade. To be recognised, and named an ambassador for the Institute, due to the many lectures, training and assessment, given to both Trichology students and students in the wider field of Cosmetology, is something she is very proud of.

Susan Devenish Mutton with her award.

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