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A practice owned and run by a Westcountry consultant and clinical trichologist for people who need guidance, treatment and support for hair and skin disorders of the scalp.

Susan Devenish Mutton BEd(Hons) FIT(London) LCGI is a registered trichologist and a member and tutor for the Institute of Trichologists.

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TRICHOLOGY is the science of hair and clinical trichology is the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the scalp and hair. Trichologists employ the same diagnostic procedures as their medically qualified colleagues, and by and large, use traditional dermatological treatments and approaches.

Clinical Trichology is neither an alternative nor a complementary medicine - and it doesn't deal exclusively with hair, as is commonly supposed.

The Institute of Trichologists was founded in 1902 to further knowledge and understanding of the hair and scalp from the scientific point of view and to provide properly trained and qualified practitioners who could give help and advice to men, women and children suffering from various problems which can affect the condition of their hair and scalp such as:


Correct diagnosis is followed by the recommendation of a prescribed regime of suitably medicated products which, when used on a regular basis, as advised, over a reasonable period of time, have been found to be effective.

The Devon Trichology Practice is both a cosmetic manufacturer and pharmaceutically trained specialist.

Firstly, to really understand the problems, we need ask 'What is hair'?


'Preparations tailored to your specific needs'.



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Susan, proprietor of The Devon Trichology Practice, has been awarded a Fellowship of the Institute of Trichologists (FIT) for her continuous service to the Institute…


Whilst in Chicago recently, as a member of the International Association of Trichologists (IAT), Susan took the opportunity to attend their ‘World Trichology Conference’. Speakers were invited from seven countries…


Invited to speak at the Fitness League Festival, by fitness league teacher Carolyn Kingdon of Plymouth, Susan gave four presentations over a period of three hours, to attendees of the Fitness League Festival at the Royal Albert Hall…

Most recently, Susan attended the 7th World Congress for Hair Research in Edinburgh, Scotland. Androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata and the scarring alopecias were high on the agenda. Case histories and clinical studies were presented by both medical experts and research graduates. The efforts of many individuals culminated in presentations by speakers who explained and demonstrated the intricacies of the formation, structure, and function of scalp hair, including the implications and advances in practice.

Positive moves toward treatments for Alopecias
Susan has recently attended the 16th meeting of the European Hair Research Society (EHRS) in Barcelona, Spain.
Advances are being made toward a treatment for chronic alopecia areata.
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The ‘le regime’ brand has an official trade mark for the Trichological Preparations made up and supplied by Susan at The Devon Trichology Practice.

Head Lice The following notes were taken by Susan Devenish Mutton MIT IAT at the Institute of Trichologists Professional Development Seminar for members and students in November. Ian Burgess – of the Medical Entomology Centre - Insect Research and Development gave a very good account of the subject Keeping one step ahead of lice...


Thinking of a Career in Trichology?...
As a Trichologist my areas of expertise include patient contact, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the hair and scalp and as a cosmetic scientist the mixing and supply of preparations for use in my practice and for patients’ home use. Trichology is a specialised area of dermatology; therefore a broad base of knowledge is needed especially in chemistry, physics and biology. It takes commitment and a true interest in people and life...
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Book Review by Susan Devenish Mutton BEd (Hons) MIT IAT
Hair Growth and Disorders.
Publisher: Springer

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